January, 2013 - Final Draft

 At the start of 2013 the "final" draft of the book, lyrics and music was complete, but rewrites awaited.  Roy hosted a pizza and wine reading at his home with friends and family doing the first read through of the show.  Since version 1.00 there have been several additional readings, workshops and  and productions as presented below.


April, 2013 - First Table Read

The first read through of the show was held in April, 2013.

     Reading Cast:
Eddie Doyle:   Neil Culhane
Vinny Moriarty:   Charlie Monagan
Gracie Doyle:  Alice Ostrander
Ryan Moriarty:  Tommy Bauby
Mary Doyle:   Carol Bauby
Roz Sherwood:   Michelle O'Neil
Biggie Williams:  Greg Ostrander
Aldermen:   Fletcher Ostrander, Bill Monti
Mama Cerelli:  Barbara Monti

July, 2013 - First Act Feedback Festival

Eddie and the Palaceades was selected to participate in the First Act Feedback Festival held at Player's Theater in Greenwich Village.  Eddie and The Palaceades was the very first show to present before a panel that included Peter Schneider, Tom Polum, Mark Hollman, William Squier and Moderators Bob Ost and Carol DeGiere.

The presentation included the background on the show and one key song.  Michael Holland and Julie Reyburn performed "Meet Me At The Palace".  The audience and panel responded with applause, comments and advice.


August, 2013 - Studio Demo EP


    Michael Holland               Julie Reyburn               Julia Mattison               Eric Michael Krop             Steven Ray Watkins

A studio demo EP was compiled with five songs produced in New York by Michael Holland.  Michael did the musical arrangements and performed the accompaniment.  Michael sings the role of Eddie;  Julie Reyburn sings the role of Gracie; Julia Mattesson sings the role of Mary.  Eric Michael Krop sings as Ryan and Steven Ray Watkins performs as Vinny.



SOLD OUT house at Roy Aria's Theater.  Eddie and The Palaceades scores three awards at Manhattan Theater Mission New Musicals Showcase.  In photo right:  Roy O'Neil, Book Writer and Lyricist for Eddie and The Palaceades holds "Audience Favorite" trophy alongside Katy Baker, Artistic Director of Manhattan Theater Mission.

Eddie Doyle:   Shelley Valfer
Vinny Moriarty:   Andrew Dorf
Gracie Doyle:  Susan Cohen Destefano
Ryan Moriarty:  Matthew J. Riordan
Mary Doyle:   Shira Averbuch
Roz Sherwood:   Gina Haver
Biggie Williams:  Marty L'Herault

Director:  Charlie Polinger
Musical Director:  Stephen Feigenbaum


July-August, 2014 - 3 Week Run in MITF

Eddie and The Palaceades enjoyed a three week run at the June Havoc Theater in the Abingdon Theater Center as part of the Midtown International Theater Festival.  Full houses, great reviews, nine nominations and the award for Best Director.

Eddie Doyle:   Bill E. Dietrich
Vinny Moriarty:   Tony Triano
Gracie Doyle:  Sheila Egan
Ryan Moriarty:  Michael Indeglio
Mary Doyle:   Kayleen Seidl
Roz Sherwood:  Annie Edgerton
Biggie Williams:  Shelley Valfer
Mama Cerelli: Marilyn Matarrese
Alderman Desoto:  Luke Hoback
Alderman Smith:  Robert J. Dyckman
Aldermen Perez: Joseph Paterson
MC/TV Host and More: Chris Karl
Director: Jamibeth Margolis
Music Director: Ben Krauss
Choreographer: Merete Muenter

September, 2014 - Palaceades Play the Palace

Eddie and The Palaceades video "Meet Me At The Palace" presented as part of "Headlines & Headliners" 10th Anniversary tribute to the Palace Theater renovation and history. (Destefano, Valfer, Dorf, Riordan) 




At the MainStreet Musicals Festival held at the Uptown Theatre in Grand Prairie, Texas, Musical Director Adam C. Wright organized a pre-show cabaret that included four songs from Eddie and The Palaceades.  The songs performed were "Bring Biggie Down", "Spread My Wings", "Stir The Ashes" and "Give Me A Little Kiss.  Tim Jerome, President of MainStreet Musicals, is shown at left in photo with Dallas performers.  Adam Wright is at the rear.




IN CONCERT reading of the show with audience talkbacks. 

Eddie and The Palaceades is the first show in an original works reading program organized under the leadership of WHTC Artistic Director Corinne Cameron.  The production is directed by Corrine Cameron with musical direction by Marcia Wytrwal.


Cameron has assembled a cast of experienced local talent for the production including Peter Cook as Eddie Doyle, Sonia Schonning as Gracie Doyle, Rob Minshall as Vinny Moriarty, the original Palaceades.  Corinne Cameron played daughter Mary Doyle and Dan McSweeny plays Ryan Moriarty, Vinny’s son.  Alex Valentine is featured as Mayor Biggie Williams; Sheila Furtado is featured as Mama Cerelli; and Merideth Richter played Roz Sherwood.  Bobby Genereau, Tom Pucci and Chris Hatch are members of the Board of Aldermen; Tom Pucci also played the MC and Chris Hatch did narrator duty.

Following each performance there were talkback sessions with the audience and local theater pros provided some written suggestions regarding the script.  Lots of positive energy.  General enthusiasm for the story, the principal characters, especially Eddie, and the music, but preliminary re-writes cut 25 pages, two characters and six songs.


September, 2016 - More Studio Demos Recorded

In September, 2016 seven additional songs were demo'd.  That's Why I'm Running, Pay to Play, I'm Gonna See It Get Better (Eddie's Pledge), and C'Mon Eddie You Can Do it Parts 1 and 2 were produced by Michael Holland in New York City. Vocalists were Victoria Cook, Matt Hinkley, Kristin Dausch, Will Porter, Steve Watts and Michael Holland.


Who's The Boss? and Back Together were produced by Galen Breen at his Gator Hole Demo Studio in Nashville.  Vocalists were Jason Eustice, Jeff Carson, Jennifer Bruce and Gale Breen.


In the Spring of 2017 the show had its first full production at the Square Foot Theater Company in Wallingford, CT.  The show opened to sold out audiences who greeted it with enthusiastic appreciation.  The set was constructed as the stage of the Palace Theater with the proscenium outlined with posters from the historic acts and shows that played the Palace.  Creative lighting effects and furniture transformed locations from scene to scene.



Eddie Doyle:   Brian Ozenne

Vinny Moriarty:   Francis Michael

Gracie Doyle:  Toniann Carey

Mary Doyle:  Heidi Schulte 

Biggie Williams:  Sara Golley 

Alderman Desoto:  Mike Tryzciensky

Alderman Smith:  Jessica Giannone

Alderman Perez: Heather Bazinet 

MC/TV Host and More: Karen Sportino 


Director: Patrick Laffin 

Music Director: Alan Dougherty

Choreographer: Jennifer kaye





New section


Eddie Doyle:     Rob Richardson

Gracie Doyle:     Haley Swindal

Vinny Moriarty:     Tim Young

Mary Doyle:     Julia Salatti

Ryan Moriarty:     Steven Telsey

Mayor Biggie Williams:     William Broderick

Alderman Perez:   Juan Betancur

Alderman Desoto:     Kayleen Seidl

Alderman Smith:     Bernard Holcomb

Narrator:     Joseph Peterson


Director:     Jamibeth Margolis

Music Supervisor:     Michael Holland

Music Director:     Andrew Wheeler

Assistant Director:     Merete Muenter

Stage Manager:     Rey Hill

General Manager:     Lisa Dozier, LDK Productions

Videographer:     Jeremy Handelman

Photographer:     Shoshana/BWAYSHO