Eddie and the Palaceades got their start and their name at the Palace Theater. The theater has become run down over the years and is threatened with demolition.


Eddie and the Palaceades play a fund-raising concert at the faded Palace Theater.  The show is interrupted by Mayor Biggie Williams waving a court order announcing the theater has been condemned.  Gracie trips the mayor, the mayor grabs Gracie, Eddie slugs the mayor and the band is sent to jail where Eddie vows to get even with Biggie and save The Palace.

Eddie and Gracie's daughter Mary has escaped her hometown and is writing for Money Magazine in New York City.  The magazine has ranked Brass City last - the worst place in America, for the second year in a row.  Mary arrives home to write about the latest Brass City rating and debates the pros and cons of the city with her parents. In the process she convinces Gracie that she should take another shot at singing and touring, but Eddie disagrees.

Meanwhile, Biggie is lining up votes for demolition and redevelopment of the Palace Theater  by Land Use Liabilities Unlimited (LULU) with a combination trash to energy plant, medical waste dump and porno parlor.


Eddie and bandmate Vinny try to stop the project at the Planning and Zoning Commission but get run over. Mary takes her dad to the news stand to get a copy of her first cover story, but Eddie is upset his hometown is last and they get into a fight.  Mary runs home.  Gracie gets angry with Eddie for hurting Mary and both Mary and Gracie leave for New York City.

Eddie is discouraged and concerned for the calamity about to befall his hometown and angry at Mary and Gracie for not caring.  Vinny convinces him that they need to get Biggie out of office if they want to save the Palace and their hometown.  Act One closes with Eddie declaring that he is running for mayor.


Mary and her mom are delighted to be in New York City.  Gracie enters a reality TV singing competition and finds success.  Mary discovers that her dad was right and the place ratings are rigged. She makes up with Eddie and works on getting her mom and dad back together.

Back home Eddie is working hard on his campaign to beat Biggie in a primary election for the party nomination.  Eddie wins the district vote but the absentee ballots are rigged and Biggie keeps the nomination.  Eddie is not on the ballot, but refuses to give up and plans a write-in campaign.



Gracie makes it to the final four on "Can You Really Sing" and she is in the running for a record contract.


Mary explains that Eddie has been coming to every show and is having a tough time in politics.  Gracie feels sorry for him and urges Mary to write an expose on the corrupt mayor and LULU to help Eddie's campaign.

The expose prompts the mayor to accelerate demolition of The Palace and the Mayor and Biggie are headed for a collision before the election.  Using his knowledge of the Palace, Eddie gets the theater nominated to the National Register of Historic Places and obtains an injunction to delay demolition.  Eddie and Gracie reconcile.  He goes on to win the election. And they figure a way to take the band back on tour.




The Palace Theater is restored to its historic grandeur!